Beats Solo Pro vs Solo 3 – Best Comparison

Are you looking for the perfect pair of headphones? Look no further than the Beats Solo Pro vs Beats Solo 3! These two headphones provide unbeatable sound quality, comfort, and design.

With an immersive soundstage and crisp audio, you’ll feel like you’re in a live studio with these amazing headphones. Not to mention their sleek design that makes them look as good as they sound.

In this article, we will explore the differences between the Beats Solo Pro and Beats Solo 3 so you can decide which one is right for you. From build quality to price comparison – get ready to learn all there is to know about these incredible headphones!

Overview of the Beats Solo Pro vs Solo 3 Headphones

Beats Solo Pro vs Solo 3
Beats Solo Pro vs Solo 3

You can’t go wrong with either the Beats Solo Pro or Solo 3 headphones – both offer incredible sound quality and sleek designs that will make you feel like a pro!

The Beats Solo Pro is a top-of-the-line pair of headphones featuring noise cancellation, transparency mode, and up to 22 hours of battery life. It’s also very portable, weighing only 7 ounces.

The Beats Solo 3 is another great option for those looking for high-fidelity sound. It boasts 40 hours of battery life and has fast fuel technology that allows it to charge quickly. Despite being slightly heavier than the Pro at 8 ounces, it remains lightweight and comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

Both the Pro and 3 models have exceptional sound quality that will take your music experience up a notch!

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Design and Build Quality – Beats Solo Pro vs Solo 3

Beats Solo Pro vs Solo 3
Beats Solo Pro vs Solo 3

The build quality of both headsets is remarkable, with sleek designs that’ll impress anyone. The Beats Solo Pro has a luxurious design with an adjustable headband for maximum comfortability. It also features on-ear controls and acoustics optimized for high-performance sound.

The Beats Solo 3, on the other hand, has a classic look and feel plus portability that makes it easy to take anywhere. It’s also equipped with advanced Bluetooth technology and long battery life for extended listening sessions.

Both headphones offer exceptional durability and comfortable fit due to their lightweight construction materials. Additionally, they have foldable earcups that make them easy to store away when not in use.

Overall, both the Beats Solo Pro and Solo 3 are well-designed headphones that provide great audio quality along with superior comfort and portability.

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Audio Performance – Beats Solo Pro vs Solo 3

Beats Solo Pro vs Solo 3
Beats Solo Pro vs Solo 3

When it comes to audio performance, the Beats Solo Pro and Solo 3 certainly have their differences. Both offer noise-cancellation capabilities and powerful bass levels, but the Solo Pro offers a much wider soundstage.

With its advanced active noise cancelling technology and well-balanced sound profile, the Beats Solo Pro offers an immersive listening experience perfect for enjoying your favorite tunes.

Noise Cancellation

Noise cancellation in the Beats Solo Pro and Solo 3 headsets is a crucial factor in providing an immersive listening experience. Both offer powerful noise reduction and sound isolation, but there are some subtle differences between them.

Here’s a detailed look at what to expect from each:

  1. The Beats Solo Pro boasts advanced active noise cancellation technology that can block out any background distractions with ease.
  2. The Solo 3 features adjustable noise reduction settings, allowing you to customize the level of quietness you prefer while listening.
  3. Lastly, both headphones have a built-in microphone for taking hands-free calls without having to lift your phone up to your ear.

Overall, both models provide excellent sound quality and great noise cancellation capabilities that make them ideal for all kinds of music fans looking for an immersive audio experience.

Bass and Soundstage

Both models feature exceptional bass response and expansive soundstage, providing an impressive auditory experience. The Beats Solo Pro is a portable model with rich bass that can be adjusted to fit any environment. Its wireless soundstage provides a wide range of frequencies that allow listeners to hear every detail of the music. On the other hand, the Solo 3 has more powerful bass that can be felt even when listening at low volumes.

Beats Solo Pro

Portable Bass

Powerful Bass

Wireless Soundstage

Expansive Soundstage

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Connectivity Features

Beats Solo Pro vs Solo 3
Beats Solo Pro vs Solo 3

You’ll be glad to know that both the Beats Solo Pro and Solo 3 offer excellent connectivity features. Both models feature a Bluetooth connection, allowing you to stream your music wirelessly from up to 30 feet away.

Additionally, both headphones also have a wired option, so you can plug directly into your device if desired. The Beats Solo Pro has an advanced Bluetooth 5.0 protocol that allows for improved battery life and faster data transfer rates than the Solo 3’s Bluetooth 4.2 version.

Furthermore, the Beats Solo Pro is compatible with Apple’s “Hey Siri” voice assistant feature so you can control it hands-free without reaching for your phone or laptop.

With either pair of headphones, you can expect reliable wireless performance when streaming music or taking calls on the go.

Comparison of Price and Value

When it comes to price, these two top-of-the-line headphones might leave you with a bit of sticker shock; however, you’ll get plenty of bang for your buck. The Beats Solo Pro costs around $300 while the Solo 3 is currently priced at approximately $200.

While this may seem like a significant difference at first glance, when considering their respective features and value propositions, it’s easy to see why both carry such a hefty price point.

The Beats Solo Pro offers superior noise cancellation and sound quality due in part to its advanced acoustic engineering and Apple’s proprietary H1 chip. Additionally, it boasts an impressive 22 hours of battery life and comfortable ergonomic design that make them ideal for extended wear.

On the other hand, the Beats Solo 3 also has great audio quality thanks to its 40mm drivers and Class 1 Bluetooth technology but lacks active noise cancelation capabilities found in its bigger brother.

Though there is a difference in cost between these two models, both offer excellent sound quality along with convenience features that makes them well worth their respective price points. Those looking for premium performance should consider investing in the Beats Solo Pro whereas those who want good sound without breaking the bank can opt for the slightly lesser but still satisfying Beat Solo 3.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the battery last on the Beats Solo Pro and Solo 3 headphones?

The Beats Solo Pro boasts a battery life of up to 22 hours while the Solo 3 has a longevity of 40 hours. Both offer great sound quality, so it really comes down to price comparison when considering battery life.

Is there a difference in comfort between the Beats Solo Pro and Solo 3 headphones?

Yes, there are design differences between the Beats Solo Pro and Solo 3 headphones that impact comfort. The Pro has an over-ear design with thicker padding for sound isolation, while the Solo 3 is on-ear with thinner cushions. Both provide excellent sound quality but may feel differently to wear.

Are the Beats Solo Pro and Solo 3 headphones compatible with other devices?

Yes, both Beats Solo Pro and Solo 3 headphones are compatible with other devices. Enjoy amazing sound quality and customize your experience with the many options available. With these headphones, you can expect great performance no matter what device you use.

Are the Beats Solo Pro and Solo 3 headphones noise-cancelling?

Yes, both the Beats Solo Pro and Solo 3 headphones feature noise-cancellation technology. This helps reduce external noise for improved sound quality. Both headphones offer great noise reduction capabilities and clear audio.

Are the Beats Solo Pro and Solo 3 headphones water-resistant?

“You better be quick than good when it comes to waterproofing levels with the Beats Solo Pro and Solo 3 headphones. While these headsets have excellent sound quality, neither are designed to withstand water exposure – so take care when using them in wet conditions.


You’ve weighed the pros and cons of Beats Solo Pro and Solo 3, so now it’s time to make a decision. Both offer great audio performance, but the Pro has more powerful sound and better noise cancelling technology.

The design is sleek and stylish with both options, but the Pro offers more durability with its metal construction. Connectivity features are similar between the two models, though the Pro allows you to use hands-free controls.

Ultimately, price may be the deciding factor for you: while the Solo 3 is affordable, spending just a little more will get you superior quality with the Solo Pro.

Whatever your choice may be, rest assured that either of these headphones can provide an immersive listening experience!

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