3 Best Ways to Sound to Get Water Out of Phone

Did you accidentally drop your phone in the pool or sink? Or worse, did it take a tumble into the toilet? Don’t panic! There are several ways to get water out of phone and prevent further damage.

You can use a vacuum cleaner, blow dryer, or compressed air. But before you tackle any of these methods, understand the risk of water damage to make sure you don’t cause more harm than good.

If all else fails, seek professional help from a repair shop. By following these steps carefully and with caution, you can save yourself from expensive repairs and restore your beloved device back to its original glory.

Understand the Risk of Water Damage

Sound to Get Water Out of Phone
Sound to Get Water Out of Phone

You need to be aware of the risks of water damage to your phone, as it can cause permanent damage. Waterproof cases provide some protection, but you should also take preventative measures.

For instance, keep your phone away from liquids and make sure that any exposed ports are properly sealed. Be mindful not to drop your phone in water and if possible, avoid using it while near a swimming pool or other body of water where splashes can occur.

You should also be aware of the different types of liquid that could come into contact with your device; for example, saltwater is particularly damaging.

Following these tips will help you reduce the chances of exposing your phone to water damage and ultimately save money on repair costs – investing in a waterproof case is always worth considering too!

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Use a Vacuum Cleaner

Using a vacuum cleaner is one way to quickly and effectively remove the water from your device. Buy a vacuum cleaner specifically designed for electronics, which will ensure that your phone or other device won’t be damaged. When using the vacuum, be sure to cover all ports and parts of the device with the nozzle in order to collect as much water as possible. You should also consider investing in waterproof cases. These cases can help you avoid future water damage incidents by protecting your devices from any moisture or liquid they may come into contact with.




Quick & Effective

Expensive Vacuums

Protects Devices from Future Damage

Covers All Ports & Parts

Not Necessary for Everyone

Waterproof Cases Available

More Durable than Other Methods

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Use a Blow Dryer

Sound to Get Water Out of Phone
Sound to Get Water Out of Phone

Blow drying your device is a popular way to remove water from it, and it can be done in as little as two minutes. According to research, blow drying can reduce the effects of water damage by up to 90%.

To use a blow dryer, point the nozzle of the dryer at least one foot away from your device and turn it on low heat. Keep the nozzle moving over all areas of your device for several minutes until it’s fully dry. Make sure not to use too much heat or you could damage components inside your phone.

Additionally, using rice along with a blow dryer can provide extra protection against water damage and help keep components safe while drying out the moisture.

When done correctly, this combination can be an effective way to get water out of your phone quickly and protect its internal components.

Use Compressed Air

Compressed air can be used to help remove water from your device. It’s an effective way to prevent water damage and preserve the functionality of your phone.

It’s important to check the seal around the openings on your device first, then use compressed air in short bursts while slowly rotating the phone in all directions.

Here are some tips when using compressed air:

  • Keep a safe distance away from your device.
  • Point air cans away from yourself and others.
  • Use short bursts of compressed air.
  • Hold your phone steady and rotate it in all directions while applying the compressed air.

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Seek Professional Help If Necessary

Sound to Get Water Out of Phone
Sound to Get Water Out of Phone

If you’re still unable to get the water out of your device, don’t despair – seek professional help! Professional technicians have the experience and skills needed to safely handle any water-related issues that may be present. They can also advise on preventive measures to prevent further damage occurring in the future.

Before looking for a professional technician, it’s a good idea to check with your insurance policy provider as some policies may cover water damage repair costs.

When seeking professional help, make sure you research the technician beforehand. Check reviews or ask friends and family for referrals if possible. You should also confirm that they’re experienced in working with your particular device model and will use quality replacement parts if necessary. Lastly, make sure they provide a warranty on their work so that you can rest assured your device is safe from further water damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sound to Get Water Out of Phone
Sound to Get Water Out of Phone

Is it safe to use a vacuum cleaner to remove water from my phone?

Using a vacuum cleaner to remove water from your phone is not recommended, as heat exposure and high moisture levels can cause damage. It’s best to use a specialized tool or take it to an authorized service center for safe repair.

How much time do I need to spend using a blow dryer to dry my phone?

You’ll likely need to spend some time carefully drying your phone with a blow dryer, adjusting the heat setting as needed. Get familiar with the right drying techniques and you can keep your beloved device in great condition!

Is there a specific type of compressed air I should use to dry my phone?

Yes, you should use a compressed air with lower heat levels and reduced air pressure to avoid further liquid damage to your phone. This is the most effective way to dry it out.

Can I use a cotton swab to help remove water from my phone?

“Hey, are you trying to avoid the hassle of having to replace your phone? Well, using a cotton swab isn’t the best preventive measure for drying out your device. Instead, try using other methods such as compressed air or absorbent materials to get it dry!”

Is it better to take my phone to a professional or try to dry it myself?

It really depends on the extent of water damage. If you can dry it yourself using a rice technique or silica gel, then that would be best. But if the damage is too extensive, then it’s better to take it to professional for proper care.


You’ve done your best to try and get the water out of your phone, but if you’re still not seeing results, it’s time to seek professional help.

Don’t let a small problem become a huge one- think of the water as quicksand, slowly engulfing all that lies in its path.

Take a deep breath and take action quickly before the situation spirals out of control.

Your phone is worth it!

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